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Future-proofing agriculture for a world facing climate crisis.

Secure the supply of critical crops with climate-resilient indoor farming.

Climate change is putting field-grown crop production at risk. Square Roots provides our partners with immediate access to controlled environment agriculture, a key component of any adaptation strategy.

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  • Small footprint, big flavor
    Farming as a service

    Immediately grow crops at one of our modular, climate-controlled farms. Or, work with us to co-design a new, purpose-built facility.

  • Indoor Agriculture Experts

    From plant scientists and biosystems engineers to operations specialists and carbon accountants, we have years of experience in sustainable, production-scale indoor farming.

  • Enabling ideal conditions, everywhere we farm.
    A Smarter Way to Farm

    Our proprietary technology enables detailed environmental monitoring and reporting at every step of a plant’s life cycle.


Safeguard your produce supply from extreme weather. 

No more empty shelves or last-minute scrambles to source quality produce. We’ll grow fresh items for you, in a perfect climate, 365 days a year. Our production capacity scales from a handful of grow zones to an entire farm, depending on your needs.


Create a safe environment for your most important ingredients. 

As climate change disrupts the quality and availability of key ingredients, we’ll help you rapidly explore the viability of indoor farming as a means to ensure consistent supply. For a long-term solution, collaborate with our team to build a purpose-designed, climate-proof farm.


Where blue-sky thinking meets real-world farming. 

You’re exploring cutting-edge efforts to ensure that our future world can still produce enough fresh food for everyone to eat. When you’re ready to move from bench-level science to production-scale trials, Square Roots will help you grow and study crops using tomorrow’s farming technology today.

Let’s grow together and figure out the future.

If you’re a plant scientist, engineer, or farm operations expert interested in working with us, take a look at our open roles here! We’d love to talk.

Or, if you represent an organization that needs to explore climate-proof food production, please get in touch.

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